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LUKA KOPER, d.d., Koper

Withdrawal of the request for listing expansion of transformed shares

Because of the temporary decree, issued by the District Court of Koper, which prescribes immediate withdrawal of the request for conversion of shares, the company Luka Koper withdraw the mentioned request on 21st December 2007. The public was informed about the request, which included the listing expansion with transformed preferencial shares, on 12th December 2007.

Luka Koper company was obliged to file the request as in accordance with the adopted resolutions from the General Assembly (19th July 2007) and on the basis of the Statute, which was on 24th July 2007 registered on the competent court. However, the District court of Koper, who deals with the challenging actions against the resolutions of the General assembly, has on the motion of sueing parties issued the mentioned temporary decree.


Management Board


Date: 24. 12. 2007