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LUKA KOPER, d.d., Koper

Explanation re the withdrawal of the LKPG share from the Slovene Blue Chip Index - SBI TOP

On 3rd March 2009, congruent with the Instructions For Indices, Liquidity Criteria, Daily Price List And Other Statistics, the Indices Committee of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange performed a regular audit of the SBI20 and SBI TOP indices. Based on the criteria for inclusion of shares in indices, the LKPG share shall - as of 1st April 2009 - no longer be included in the SBI TOP index of Slovene blue chip stocks. The reason behind the removal of the LKPG share from this index is its failure to meet one of three criteria determined by the Instructions For Indices, Liquidity Criteria, Daily Price List And Other Statistics. Namely, the following criteria have to be met in order to be included in the SBI TOP index:

- the capitalised value of shares outstanding amounts to at least € 100 million;
- the value of average absolute daily trade in shares (excluding block trades) amounts to at least € 50,000;
- the average number of transactions (excluding block trades) amounts to at least 10

Luka Koper d.d. meets the second and third criteria above, but due to a low portion of shares in free circulation it fails to fulfil the first one. This is related to a specific ownership structure of the company: only 29.56 % of shares are in free circulation. In addition, failure to meet this criterion can also be attributed to the situation regarding the trading price of the LKPG share, which nevertheless has closely adhered to the movement of the SBI20 index. The exclusion of the Luka Koper d.d. share from the SBI TOP index is merely an administrative and technical intervention, and is by no means is its an indicator of the company's commercial performance.

We firmly believe that the excellent development opportunities enjoyed by the Port of Koper, and the company's excellent performance, vindicated by the recently published Financial Statements for 2008, are indicative of the stable growth enjoyed by Luka Koper, which itself provides the basis for continued returns as well as commensurate long-term improvement in share value.


The Management Board


Date: 9. 3. 2009