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LUKA KOPER, d.d., Koper

General Assembly Call

In accordance with the provisions of Paragraph 3, Article 10 of the Statute of Luka Koper d.d., and upon the 21st January 2014 request of the Republic of Slovenia holding 7,140,000 shares in Luka Koper d.d (51% of share capital) which is as per the provisions of the Slovenian Sovereign Holding Act (Official Gazette of RS, Nos. 105/2012 and 39/2013) represented by the Management Board of Slovenska Odškodninska Družba d.d. at the time of the request submission, and Slovenska odškodninska družba d.d. holding 1,557,857 Luka Koper d.d shares (11.13% of share capital), namely on the basis of these two shareholders jointly holding a total 8,697,857 no-par-value shares (i.e. 62.13% of total share capital), - the Luka Koper d.d Management Board calls for the 24th General Assembly of Luka Koper d.d. Shareholders to be held at 1 p.m. on 19th March 2014  in the Plenary Hall of the Primorska Chamber of Commerce and Industry,  Ferrarska Ulica 2, Koper, Slovenia.

The Management Board
Date: 17.02.2014