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PROBANKA, d. d., Maribor

Information on successful sale of assets

Controlled information

Released by: PROBANKA, d.d., Trg Leona Štuklja 12, 2000 Maribor

Applicable articles of the Financial Instruments Market Act governing the release of controlled information applies: 106, 108, 136, 381, 386


On grounds of the previously published invitation to bid, Probanka concluded agreements with Sberbank and Hranilnica Lon in the past week. Probanka selected the aforementioned bidders as the preferred bidders and successfully completed negotiations on the sale of part of the bank’s assets in the value of 48.6 million EUR.

Sberbank took over the retail loan portfolio, while Hranilnica Lon took over the Slovenj Gradec Sub-branch and Ravne na Koroškem Agency, as well as loans and account relationships with managers of multi-apartment buildings. Four Probanka employees will continue their employment with Hranilnica Lon.

Probanka intends to terminate the management of current accounts, with certain exceptions, this October. The bank already began all required activities in order to provide its clients with sufficient time to rearrange their banking facilities with a bank of their choice. In the meantime, however, Probanka also agreed with Sberbank and Hranilnica Lon to arrange a smooth and simple transfer of banking facilities, namely the transfer of retail current accounts opened in the Slovenj Gradec and Ravne sub-branches to Hranilnica Lon, and the transfer of other retail current accounts and related services to Sberbank, should the clients decide to continue their banking facilities with the aforementioned banks.

Gašpar Ogris-Martič from Sberbank said: “Sberbank continues with growth in the field of Retail banking in Slovenia and the deal concluded with Probanka is an important step. We are happy to welcome Probanka clients to our bank and convinced we can offer high quality service to all customers who place their trust into our institution.”

Teodor Žepič from Hranilnica Loan mentioned: “We are excited by the opportunity to strengthen our presence in the housing stock manager segment and in the Koroška region. Current Probanka clients in Ravne and Slovenj Gradec who will decide to stay with us will be able to use our services at the same locations and be advised by the same branch staff.”

Dr. Imre Balogh from Probanka emphasised: “The agreements constitute a key milestone in the realisation of the orderly winding down process of Probanka, ensuring a seamless transition for our clients. With these steps, the special administration of Probanka is continuing to successfully fulfil the tasks stipulated by the financial restructuring plan and meeting the objective of reducing the bank’s assets well ahead of target.”

The bank will continue to regularly notify the general public on important events and landmarks of the orderly winding down process, as was the practice in the past. All information on the process is also available on our website listed below.


Information featured in this announcement will be available from 24.7.2014 until at least 25.7.2019 on Probanka’s official website http://www.probanka.si/.

Special administration of PROBANKA, d.d.
Date: 24.07.2014