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LUKA KOPER, d.d., Koper

Clarifications as to the misleading information on the company's performance

Due to the proper and transparent dissemination of information to all shareholders and to protect the interests of the company, we have to respond to further misleading information on the company’s performance reported by the mass media

The information refers to the statements by the State Secretary Metod Dragonja at the session of the National Assembly's Commission for Public Finance Control held on Friday, 17th June 2016: "Luka Koper’s return on equity amounts to 2.5%. The average return on equity by comparable companies, i.e. the European ports, is 6.3%. ROE generated by the best ports amounts to over 9%."

In discussing business performance of the Luka Koper Group, the State Secretary Dragonja used the figures from 2011 to 2013 which is evident from the company's annual reports. The figures for 2014 and 2015 are substantially different: the Luka Koper Group's ROE in 2014 amounted to 10.7%, in 2015 to 10.9% and in the first quarter of this year to 15.4%.  If EBIDTA margin as a measurement of a company's operating profitability is added to the equation, in 2014 the Luka Koper Group's EBIDTA margin amounted to 37.2%, in 2015 to 38% and in the first quarter of this year to 41.2%.

Considering deceiving the public, shareholders and the National Assembly deputies with misleading information, the company will, pursuant to the provisions of Financial Instruments Market Act, notify the Securities Market Agency of the market manipulation.

Luka Koper, d.d.
Date: 21.06.2016