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LUKA KOPER, d.d., Koper

Non-Audited Report for January – March 2021

On the basis of the Rules of Ljubljana Stock Exchange and the Financial Instruments Market Act RS, Luka Koper d.d. publishes the Non-audited Report on the Performance of Luka Koper d.d. and Luka Koper Group in January – March 2021.


The first quarter marked by growth

The monthly throughput record on the container segment, which was set in March 2021 predicted a good business performance of the first quarter of 2021. Despite some cargo groups were still affected by the consequences of the pandemic, the financial results of the Luka Koper Group show a positive trend. The net sales revenues of the Luka Koper Group reached 57.5 million EUR, a 2.3 million EUR more compared to the same period of 2020. The growth of revenues had a positive effect on the EBIT and on the net profit, which amounted 8.6 million EUR, a 15 % increase compared to the last year's first quarter.

We are very satisfied with the performance of the container segment, which registered a 12 % growth (measured in TEU) compared to 1Q 2020. The result is encouraging also because of the enduring difficult situation on a global scale, as the container shipping industry faces unregular calls of vessels to ports, shortage of empty containers and the consequences of the Suez blockage in March. The container segment had a major impact on the total throughput, which amounted to 5 million tons, a 4 % decrease compared to 1Q 2021. We registered a substantial decrease on the liquid bulk segment, mostly because of reduced jet fuel consumption in the aviation industry, and on the dry bulk segment, mostly due to decarbonization trends.

The throughput of cars registered a 4% increase in the first quarter of 2021. Further growth should be supported by the new investments on the Car & RO-RO terminal: the new garage for 6,000 units opened few days ago, and the dedicated berth for car-carriers which is operational since mid-2020.

The investment cycle is currently in full progress, in the first three months of 2021 we invested 18 million EUR – this includes the third truck gate and a new gas station. In the next weeks we will open the extended quayside of the container terminal, marking the end of the of the first phase of the 100-meters extension of Pier no. 1. This investment is the most important from the financial and strategic point of view and shall enable further growth of container volumes.

The Management Board
Date: 28.05.2021