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Ljubljanska borza, d. d., Ljubljana

38th Financial Conference, Portorož, 9th and 10th September

A 38th Financial Conference took place in Portorož, that an enviable number of financial experts and businessmen attend annually.

The Conference is the main financial event of the year in Slovenia and is recognized as the place of networking and exchanging views and knowledge.

The main mission of the Conference is to present current topics from the financial area, education of employees in the mentioned segment and interactive exchange of knowledge, experience, opinion and views on current challenges and issues in the Financial Industry.

Main topics of the 38th Financial Conference were:

  • financial challenges of Slovenia, Europe, and the world,
  • expectations on the economic markets,
  • what will happen when the pandemic ends,
  • plans for the future of EU and Slovenia,
  • ECB's measures,
  • what is happening in the field of acquisitions and mergers,
  • how the business models of insurance companies will change,
  • when and how to reach the digital euro,
  • and many more.

The Financial Conference is organized by Ljubljana Stock Exchange and Časnik Finance.

Additional information can be obtained through: dogodki@ljse.si or on the following webpage.

Ljubljana Stock Exchange
Date: 10.09.2021