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NLB, d. d., Ljubljana

Announcement of envisaged issuance of Tier 2 subordinated notes

Pursuant to the Rules of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange relating to point 1 paragraph 1 of Article 130 of the Market Financial Instruments Act NLB d.d., Trg republike 2, 1000 Ljubljana, announces:


Company NLB d.d. (“NLB”) is hereby informing the public that it has mandated BofA Securities Europe SA as Sole Lead Manager of potential issuance of Tier 2 subordinated notes with 10-year maturity and callable after 5 years, to be issued subject to market conditions. NLB will act as Co-Lead Manager. The notes will be offered to eligible counterparties and professional clients outside the United States of America.

This announcement will be available on the NLB's website (www.nlb.si) as of 21 November 2022.

Investor relations
NLB d.d., Ljubljana
Date: 21.11.2022