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GORENJE, d.d., Velenje

Convocation of the 25th Shareholder's Assembly Meeting of Gorenje, d.d.

Following a request by the shareholder Home Products Europe B.V., Beekhuizenseweg 67, 6881 AE VELP, Netherlands, dated November 16, 2017; the shareholder Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d., Magazinska 69, 1000 Zagreb, Croatia, dated November 22, 2017; shareholder Splitska banka d.d., Domovinskog rata 61, 21000 Split, Croatia, dated November 22, 2017; and shareholder Unicredit Bank Hungary ZRT 1054 Budapest Szabadság tér 5- 6, dated November 27, 2017, for the convocation of Shareholders Assembly of the company Gorenje d.d., pursuant to Article 295, Paragraph 3, of the Companies (ZGD-1) and pursuant to Article 30, Paragraph 2 of the company Articles of Association, the Management Board of the company Gorenje d.d. hereby convenes the 25th Shareholders Assembly of the company Gorenje d.d. to be held on Tuesday, January 9, 2018, starting at 10.00 a.m., in the conference hall of the Paka Hotel in Velenje, Rudarska ul. 1, Slovenia.

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The information in this announcement will be available on the official web site of the company Gorenje, d.d., Velenje, Slovenia, www.gorenjegroup.com, for at least 5 years from the date of this announcement.

Management Board
Franc Bobinac
Date: 06.12.2017